Microphone Solution for Podcasting

I have been toying around with a number of existing solutions before I consider investing in better quality kit, some of it out of curiosity…

Plantronics M55 Bluetooth Headset: I can imagine great on the go, personal recording

iPhone Built-In Mic:  On the go, for impromptu focus groups

iPhone Earpod Mic: I can imagine great on the go, personal recording, great sound and preferable to the M55

Boundary Mic (Sub £10): yet to test

ASUS Transformer T100 Tablet Microphone: yet to test

Logitech Quickcam Pro 9000 Webcam: This certainly is the current solution I have, but it does give an echo/open-room effect if it is positioned on top of the monitor

Samson C01U Mic: A rich, high quality recording but the audio does come out a lot quieter requiring gain/levelling filters to be applied

I think the iPhone solutions are comparable and would depend on a solo or group recording. The rest are clearly outshone by the Samson C01U which has a far richer quality to my voice (I am trying not to wince too much at the “Essex” accent.

See what you think by listening to the sample (only  normalise applied) here: http://vocaroo.com

I have been considering the mid-range cost solution of either the Samson Meteor or the Blue Snowball. The Meteor is stunning to look at, portable but only cardioid (directional), the Snowball offers cardioid/cardioid -10dB/omnidirectional but does remind me of an old webcam. Most reviews also comment on the comparable Samson Co1U, which work have, another cardioid only mic. I think I would be torn between the all three as each has their own strength but lacks the others…

  1. Samson Meteor – I love the look and portability, good price
  2. Blue Snowball – Love the options (NOTE: not to be confused with the Snowball ICE which is slightly cheaper and lacks options)
  3. Samson C01U – better audio quality

Testing the Samson C01U has convinced me that it should be the baseline that I compare all other mics against, coupled with the majority of review recommending the Blue Yeti if you can afford it as it has the looks, quality and options. At current retail, £99 85, eBay may be the way to go!

Final thought: I had read that you could use console mics, most of them are made by Logitech. Could not resist a go of our Wii Mic. It works, its poor! http://vocaroo.com


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