Learning Technologies Show 2015

Our apprentices (from the right) Tom, Me. Jennifer & Dan

Our apprentices (from the right) Tom, Me. Jennifer & Dan

Yesterday found me at the Learning Technologies Exhibition at Olympia representing the eLearn Design Consortium. As a self confessed insomniac I normally have a fitful sleep in the earlier hours, the morning of the exhibition I was up at 5am not though insomnia but trepidation. I still find it amusing I still ‘geek out’ at this sort of thing, although it’s not that surprising given that I feel we really are in the tech era – it’s here now, not in the near future as we have spouted over the last 2 decades.

I arrived early. An opportunity for a cup of java and an early look round. What struck me was the size of the expo, everything seemed well laid out there was a number of “studios” for seminars. My initial fears of a combined Learning Technologies and Learning & Skills effort were unfounded

As ever these excursions are a great source of inspirations, you can’t very well buy up every VLE, LMS OR CMS offering, and there certainly were some gems. From drones to computer based training giants such as Lynda.com. But what did strike me was the main staple was VLE/LMS/CMS or resource-creation and supply.

Now we have Moodle and we have Apprentice Learning Technologists to create our own content but there is huge market for producing material for external organisations.

So I’m exhibiting on the Design eLearn stand, you can find out more from the project link at the top of my blog, and there is a wide range of interests parties for the level 3 and level 4 courses on offer.

  • From those wishing to deliver the courses
  • Those wishing to have apprentices
  • Those wishing to gain qualification in order to move into the sector
  • Those already in the sector wishing to professionalise their current skills
  • To those wanting to sign their wife up as a present (personally I find wine, flowers and chocolates tend to work well)

I was also trying to desperately fix an MS Surface (RT 2) that is reporting “No Battery”. A new error for me, and one that beat me and a fellow former IT support engineer.

The three apprentices we have are there with one of their Mentors and they are gracious in posing for cameras! They are posted to Twitter in seconds. They were set a task to identify down useful devices and blog internally.

With their permission I will post copies of their findings to this post as they appear internally.


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