The Imposter Syndrome


I came across a term that really struck a chord with me – “The Imposter Syndrome”. Apparently harking back to our earlier selves when we would venture out the cave our rational mind would try and test our convictions.

“You don’t want to go out there. It’s dark and cold. Your not quick enough to see attackers or strong enough to fight them off!”

Whether this was to test or resolve or stop us being foolishly rash it is a feelings by of dread that creeps over me overt now and then.

What makes me knowledgable enough to blog about learning teach or even tech in general? Fifteen years as an engineer and nearly the same as a computing lecturer.

What makes me worthy of an opinion to the masses? I have as much of a worthy opinion as anyone and I have said I would not jack errors or omissions along the way.

And so it goes on, even into the non-tech areas of my practice. it suddenly occurred to me how many educators have wanted to or even tried to utilise tech and had The Imposter Syndrome cast doubts on their practice, in many an occasion using the persuasive argument Taft the learners will know more and show you up, I bet coupled with the dreaded failures in setup of a tech or worse still in-action have quashed what enthusiasm had driven them forward.

So I say embrace The Imposter Syndrome. Knowing it is a realistic barrier to progressive use of tech in your practice the first positive step is saying “to hell with you, I’m still gonna give it a damn good try!” .

It’s not about suffering from Imposter Syndrome, it’s what you do after it.

Oh and Google the term, it’s not a buzz- term or fad!


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