Predictions for 2015

Go read the article then return to this blog for my thoughts…

What a croc! I disagree so much with this article. Analytic’s have been around for ever and have never garnered much interest from the wider community, its the realm of nerds and statisticians, sure the advent of the semantic web (3.0) and the ability of the web to analyse and organise itself will have a great influence from analytics but it will never have the wow factor from a  human perspective.

Social Media is now just coming into its own and being seen as ubiquitous. since the beginning of this year I have discussed the purpose of blogging, the merits and variety of ways in which Twitter has been used and the opportunities that remote communication affords. These are not obscure discussions of the sceptic or the obsessed but by those that are genuinely realising the growing take up and ubiquitous nature of the social networking systems. Fundamentally communication between ourselves has been at the heart of culture, we are indoctrinated from our first coo-coo shortly after birth to our mutterings to family, gods and deities on our death beds.

As for mobile learning (or mLearning) being flipped, I think the article just needs to use the word evolving/maturing



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