Dodocool 2.4GHz Wireless Cordless Presenter

I look after my tech, but I have misplaced my presenter pointer. An old Genius Pointer that allowed you to control media players, the mouse pointer, left and right mouse click… you name it, it had it! but it was an old unwieldy thing that ate batteries when you needed them most.  It often messed with your head as you fought to put into one mode from another. and it hated Prezi.


Sometimes life throws you what seems like disaster only to be rewarded with fortune. Enter in my new Dodocool 2.4GHz Wireless Cordless Presenter with red laser I am not expecting it to usher in a new age of technology. But it does do what I need, without bells and whistles….

  • Desicated on/off switch (hopefully less dud batteries)
  • Only takes an AAA battery and is extremely light, and small
  • forward/back buttons
  • Open/ close to Full screen (equiv.F5)
  • Blank Screen
  • Lazer pointer
  • Prezi friendly
  • website friendly (scroll & refresh)
  • Adapter for the PC lights up and stows away in the battery compartment

Uncomplicated and fairly versatile, without the complications. And one that I would not be to upset if I lost!



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