The Hudl2 is a vast improvement over the original Hudl, improved size, processor and audio amongst others. I for one never took the original Hudl seriously. this is not the case with the Hudl2. My eldest, of four mature years, has grown up with the 1st generation classic iPad (the device that is fast reaching its useful life)

  • It’s volume up control switch is no longer working
  • It no longer lat for 10+ hrs, instead we are lucky if it survives the morning
  • It’s stuck on iOS 5.5 so will not upgrade
  • More often than not apps are demand iOS 6 or above

The Hudl 2 comes in at just £129, that’s only£10 more than theHudl 1, with the added bonus that you can convert Tesco points money for twice the value allowing you to spend less real money. I have to say that the packaging and the feel of the tablet does not hint at its low cost and my lad loves it. Pitched at the more casual generation with a strong leaning to youngsters it is a serious tablet for all but as ever there are plus and minuses.


  • Product feels great, and comes in a range of colours
  • A good range of quality covers are available that are really well priced. There are even kids bumpers and Bluetooth keyboard varieties
  • A noise limited set of headphones are available for the young ones that again are well priced and well built
  • Child profile abilities, our biggest bugbear with the iPad was it lack of control for little ones, so we can set a profile and control what our eldest has access to. On downloading an app you are prompted as to whether you will allow access rights to/for other users.
  • It is not heavily tailored to Tesco’s own branding and these are discreet


  • Charging. period. Our tablet failed to charge when powered up. we could only charge when either shutdown, or from newly powered-up. An inconvenience when you are in the middle of something and power is about to go.
  • Oh and the 32gb micro SD card. I have seen that some 64gb cards will work but some brands/variations may not – hence the 32gb limit.

Due to the charging issues, many comments are on the web, we took ours back. The replacement does the same. Given how good the tablet is, the next tablet is probably another £100 for a google nexus, and that for us it’s not a big issue we are going to stick with the tablet – even my father has the same charging issues. Its an excuse for our eldest to go do something more social.

I look forward to the end of the year and as to whether there will be a Hudl3 (with no battery issues)



Hudl2 specs below:

Processor Intel® Atom Quad-Core  1.83(GHz)
Memory 16GB
Operating System Android 4.4 KitKat

Connectivity Wi-Fi Only 2.4GHz and 5GHz  802.11a/b/g/n &  Bluetooth 4.0

Ports: Micro-USB x 1 / Micro-HDMI x 1

Cameras: Front-Facing Resolution 1.2MP / Rear-Facing Resolution 5MP / Front-Facing Video Resolution 720p / Rear-Facing Video Resolution 1080p (Full HD)

Sound & Speakers Dolby Audio
Sensors GPS, 3-axis Accelerometer, e-Compass, Gyroscope, Ambient Light Sensor

Battery Life 8 hours

What’s in the Box One Amazing hudl2 tablet with soft-touch finish, a hudl2 charger dc power output (5V 2A) and a USB to Micro-USB Cable

Size: Height 12.8 Centimetre / Width 22.4 Centimetre / Depth 0.9 Centimetre
Weight: 0.4104 Kilogram


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