Podcast Delays – Weapons of Mass Distraction

I haven’t launched my podcast – yet! I could list a host of reasons, amongst them:

  • Not having a decent microphone of my own and not wanting to use a borrowed one as audio will change between podcasts
  • I don’t have a pop filter
  • A rotten cold the other week
  • Too shattered from training the previous week

This has caused me to overrun by about three weeks, but I am  fast running out of excuses. I received my new microphone yesterday, a Blue Yeti, just need to play around with settings before recording in earnest. Cold has gone and no training for foreseeable future. The Pop filter is ordered has arrived.

Apparently it is a common occurrence, only 10% of podcasts go beyond their 7th episode! The first Podcast can be delayed in part to imposter syndrome (an earlier post) and lack of focus. I came across a number of recommendations to move beyond the stalemate.

Aim for your audience only don’t worry about pleasing everyone at the start, when you start to establish then you can expand your focus. Plan the delivery and structure, until this is done the podcast is not going to be fully formed up and will hamper the recording process. So with this in mind:

20 minute session max

  • 1 min intro
  • 9 min discuss of last months blog
  • 7 min feature focus
  • 2 min what’s coming up this month
  • 1 min outro

Have a launch date and have plans (not certainties) for at least 10 session topics:

  1 Jan roundup – About me
2 Feb roundup – Learning Technologists
3 Mar roundup – Apprentice Learning Technologists
4 Apr roundup – Learning Technologist Manager
5 May roundup – USA reflections (RA)
6 Jun roundup – Learning Service Manager
– summer hiatus
7 Sep roundup – Academic year in reflection & new academic year aims
8 Oct roundup -anti social reflective perspective (DD)
9 Nov roundup – TBC
10 Dec roundup – Year in review

Down to the actual podcast. There is no further reason to delay:

  1. Record and keep original
  2. Edit
  3. Intro & outro
  4. Export with Tagging id3. Id3 editor
  5. Upload
  6. Schedule & Publish episode to iTunes

Parkinson’s law states that time will expand for activities to the time allotted. A Pasmadira timer may well help this. 25 min work. 5 min reward/rest. I have a two hour hour window in the week to record any podcast and my brain is fooling me each week that its not the best time or I won’t get all the work I need to do to create the podcast. But I don’t need to fully create it. Just record it! Maybe a touch of imposter syndrome is creeping in.


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