Asus Transformer T100TA Tablet

I hate to say it that this tablet has killed the Surface RT for me. The full Windows 8.1 (no RT!) tablet with a seriously docked keyboard is a fun and great locking bit of kit, whilst not as high spec and definitely plasticky (is that a word?) it still looks and feels good. At 32gb internal memory it does most things that I disliked about the Surface RT:

  • You can install stuff, woop woop! so hello iPlayer, VLC player, Zip 7
  • You can prop it up on your lap, no flappy keyboard
  • The keyboard feels like a keyboard
  • It’s one hell of a serious dock mechanism
  • Serious 11 hour battery life
  • Micro USB charge port
  • A full USB port and a usable Micro USB port – usefule with an adapter to full size
  • I don’t use a mouse with this device, unlike the Surface RT, as the keypad has a good feel to it

OK, so as ever onto the hates:

  • It is stroppy in regards to  charging – it likes good quality cable and occasional hates high powered chargers – liking the odd slow charge
  • It’s screen size is smaller than the Surface RT and not as good quality, the Surface RT has a certain clarity about it
  • No rear camera
  • It does come with Office 2013 – Word, Excel, PowerPoint but this does not include Outlook
  • This one is the killer… you cannot back up and delete the restore image to USB like you can on the Surface RT. Effectively giving you only 10gb of workable storage so although I can install I am loath to!

I have favoured this over the Surface RT though (as much as it pains me to admit, I just wish it was the 64gb version!


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