Podcast Go!

I have finally recorded the first podcast, it’s a huge learning curve. The first advice I would give is make sure you have a brief script to run with, otherwise you add more “Um’s” and “Er’s” than you might be able to cope with. Write down your running order and your opening and closing lines as well a segment links, this will lend some consistency to future podcasts and help keep familiarity with your future audience. Then fill in with content.

Although I had a piece of audio I had created awhile back I revisited it to make intro, outro and bumper audio clips that felt more in tune with what I had recorded, as well as a looping “bed” piece just-in-case.

I have hit about 22 minutes worth of recording, but with edits and addition of music clips, I have come out at about 21 minutes. Not bad considering I was only going to produce an introductory podcast!

Next step syndication and iTunes….



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