Microsoft Mix for Students


The recent post regarding Microsoft Mix (and subsequent posting of it on my work intranet D.A.V.E) ended up with me discussing with a colleague the great advantages of rapid development (or should that be rapid redevelopment) using MS Mix and inevitably the flipped classroom scenario of “present away” & “apply with us” and the conversation found itself flipping not only our established methods of delivery and the industries need to gear up in response to the FELTAG report but then so do our own learners. Inevitably we cannot expect our learners to remain in a perpetual state with all the technical revolution around them.

So how about that next presentation captured as a MS Mix recorded in studios, bedrooms and classrooms. Okay so studios might be a bit of a stretch (a quite space), bedrooms might need to be cleaned up (a plus as far as Mum and Dads are concerned) and the classrooms might be difficult to record within in their current setup so might our classroom spaces see an overhaul in the near future (funds permitted), well tomorrow I am off to the Microsoft Showcase Classrooms in London with which I will have this post in mind!


Update [26/04/2015]: found a YouTube video here – 



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