Betron B850i Headphones


I go through iPhone headphones within a year, it’s always the ‘Y’ connector that seems to go, I take the precaution of keeping it alltogether with a little heatshrink tubing. It looks awful, but does give me another 3-4 months before Siri seems to be initiated for no reason at all. So the hunt for a decent pair of headphones begins.

In the past I have purchased the Sony DREX12IPB headphones and occasionally they did not give the performance I would expect from Apple Headphones with the controls working intermittently. I was not looking for full control this time, due to using the Pebble SmartWatch, just the mic. The Betron B850i (currently £15 with microphone, £13 without –  from has a number of features that appealed, not least the reviews by other users:

  • Stated as iPhone/iPod compatible
  • Flat Cable
  • Inline mic, that sits on the left ear
  • Attachable clip
  • 1cm longer than Apple earpods @ 1.2m
  • right angled 3.5mm jack
  • 7 earbuds
    • Small aperture buds in Small/Med/Large
    • Larger aperture buds in Small/Med/Large
    • Memory Foam earbuds
  • Soft black ‘velvet feel storage pouch’

The packaging is appropriate and offers an external view of the headphones and variety of earbuds (I hate those sealed packs you have to be a safe cracker to get into!). The left/right earbuds are clearly indicated on each earphone in white print. The cable feels neither plastic nor too rubbery and certainly drop out to tangle free once removed from the storage pouch which is a good size, neither to small or big.

The memory foam earbuds are fantastic, certainly are my choice of earbud choice, reducing that annoying fall-out that you often have with earbuds. The audio quality is great for budget headphones, I ordered mine directly from Betron UK for £15 taking two days to arrive, and I would say that if I rated the Apple earbuds at an average 5/10 I would give the B850i’s 7/10. With the buds having a louder and richer sound than the earpods. I have noticed a little bleed over from each headphone to the other side, the left channel plays ever-so-slightly in the right channel and vice-versa but this is only noticeable if you have a the incorrect headphone in and the opposite channel plays (utilised and the iOS app ‘Headphone Check by Citrus Apps’), I tested on an iPhone 6 plus, a Dell PC and an Acer PC.

Here are the specs:

  • Speaker Driver: 10mm
  • Nominal Impedence: 16Ohm
  • Frequency Respoince: 17Hz to 20kHz
  • Sound Pressure:Level (SPL): 112 dB/+-3db
  • Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): <0.1%




Veescope Live iOS Light Guide [Green Screener equiv]


It turns out that Veescope has a built in Light Guide for when you are setting up your green screen built into it, that’s a saving of some £8 (wish I had realised previously!). Accessed by selecting th “edges” menu icon (the mountain range) and then select the light bulb button to the left of the ‘Key Fine Tuning’ slider. It is actually very similar in functionality to Green Screener in that you can select a chroma key colour and adjust the quality sensitivity across L/M/H.

See a guide here 


Green Screener

My journey into green screen continuous into this month with a great find, Green Screener by Hollywood Camera Work, that helps you get stunningly perfect green screen. Doing away with light-meters and expensive waveform monitors the app shows you how even your backdrop is and helps you set up the best lighting conditions. It’s a little pricey as apps go at sub £8 but a worthy investment that could save you a lot more in unnecessary lighting hardware or retakes. Watch their introduction on Youtube  –