blendspace by TES


Now I do love innovation, especially when it shows such promise early on, and blendspace by TES (yes TES!) is just one of those innovations. Its sets up a challange by claiming that you can create a session in five minutes – mighty claims by anyone’s standards. But one that is reasonably well justified (apart from reviewing any YouTube videos you want to include!). My first go wasnt far off the mark (considering I was trialing as much as I could) and I have no doubts my next effort could be a lot less!

So things I love…

  1. Quick to create and edit
  2. Resources easily gathered
  3. Allows for assessment
  4. Attach files
  5. Backed TES
  6. Autosave
  7. ​websites are interactive through the blendspace slide!

Thing I would love to see..

  1. It would be nice to be able to duplicate a slide
  2. What happens when the original location of your images disappears off the web?
  3. What happens if you lose web connectivity? there are other offering that allow for exporting so you can have it on a USB, or local drive such as MS MIX for PowerPoint
  4. When adding an image the text you would want to add as a subtitle is shown in the top right… a little obscure
  5. Tracking needs a class set up and sharing of the class ID (even if this generic), does not allow for anonymous tracking
  6. ​Textual slides are a little uninspiring – font, size, colour, alignment

But I expect great things, follow the blog at



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