Windows 10


Windows arrived on Wednesday. I foolishly rushed to install. I forced that download into windows update every time it reported an error (that turned out to be a connection error). The installation got as far as 86% and then failed due to migration of settings.  I rushed to download the media creation tool and throw an image onto a USB stick. again thwarted as the installation froze at the last few hurdles. No fear, it gave me the option of a reboot and installation was now happening from the machine itself. I assumed it had dumped it off the USB. In the end it not matter as it still failed! I retried the windows update route again. It was re downloading the image from scratch! Sod it I’m cancelling it all and going to bed.

The morning found me in a better from of mind but not one that wanted to bother with Windows 10. But fate brought two elements together…

  1. I found out  windows update was ready to try another install
  2. I needed to go out to the shops (Butter for making cookies with my boys)

On my return… Success! I have upgraded from Windows 7 and whilst I am not in love with Windows 10 I don’t dislike it. It certainly is better than Windows 8. So what do you actually get (beyond Win 7).

  • Start Menu and Tile integration – the best of both worlds
  • Snap to corners (not just sides)
  • Add the recycle bin to the start menu (now I can hid the desktop version and not worry about lengthy steps to access)
  • Search on toolbar
  • MS edge, IE’s replacement, I love the annotation facility
  • The ability to access apps (a benefit for a Win7 user, don’t feel like i’m missing out now)

I hate the photo app – it works for wife’s account but not my own – not a deal breaker but frustrating!


2 comments on “Windows 10

  1. Hi Andy my first upgrade to windows 10 from 7 went smooth a few restarts but no problems, do have another from 7 to do and then two from 8.1

    • I think my woes were purely a case of rushing. I have another desktop with 7 and a Asus tablet with 8.1 to update. But i am not forcing them. 🙂

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