Mini Pop Filter

mini pop filter


However good the Samson Go Mic is it still picks up ‘aspirated plosives’ such as the ‘P’ when you say ‘pop’. However due to the microphones size it does not need a large pop filter, such as a standard 13.5cm internal diameter pop filter, instead a smaller internal diameter pop filter can be used. I elected to purchase a fixed stem rather than a flexible goose neck which again minimises the overall size of the filter. My only frustration is that the first silver piece connected to the black clamp is via a countersunk threaded bolt that has a cross-head rather than a knurled or wing nut, this reduced the flexibility of adjusting the filter on-the-go but is fine if you are only ever clamping it to the same base or point.

Note: Pop filters are not to be confused with windshields that reduce hiss from being captured and that are mainly for when you are outdoors.


3 comments on “Mini Pop Filter

    • Hi Javi,

      I looked though past purchases – got mine on eBay, unfortunately I could not find a similar one anywhere. Even the original supplier does not have it.

      you might want to look at this ebay offering (option D onwards – dependant on your stand dimensions!)

      Hope this helps in your quest. Let me know how you get on.

      • Thank you man! I’ll check out the possibilities, I love the Samson but the classic popfilters are too annoying for me, but these small ones look perfect 🙂

        All the best! 🙂

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