UK Light Switches and Home Automation

Lighting Diagram

Please note: there is no earth (yellow and green striped cable) show to simplify the diagram

There is a problem with (current) smart switches for lighting:

  • They are rectangular (not square) for the US market – so would need some retro-fitting
  • They seem to often require a neutral to function (is this a US thing?)

But there is a potential work-around it the UK ever gets decent Smart Switches that are square but still require a neutral. It seems that October is going to be a popular month for UK Home Automation devices so this post might be very timely.

  1. Rerun new cables to include a neutral – expensive, time-consuming and messy
  2. Use a gadget to create a neutral – these are best avoided because they are not effective
  3. rewire to create a neutral – the focus of this post!

This post should only be carried out by a competent person – if in doubt seek a professional electrician

The diagram at the top of the post show that a live (brown) and switched live (dashed red) are run to the switch
The lower diagram shows where recabling in the ceiling rose is required, then you can fit smart switch to the Live, Neutral and Earth
There are disadvantages to this – you will lose the physical switch at the location but you’re going to get that and more through the Smart functions!


Lighting Diagram Mod

  1. Turn off the power at the fuseboard
  2. You are going to move the two wires used for the switched live that powers your lamp (points A & B)
    • The blue cable that [should] be marked with a red sleeve to indicate a switched live move to the neutral block that has other blue cables. You could remove the red sleeve as will not be  switched live anymore.
    • The brown cable that is now not able to receive power, move to the permanent live block that should have other brown cables.
  3. If you have a tester you might wish to ensure you have 240v between your cables in the switch backing box
  4. fit smart switch
  5. Turn on power at the fuseboard
  6. Enjoy!

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