About the MS Surface RT

Note: the following applies to the first generation of the Microsoft Surface RT, which this blog has focused on. There has been a second generation of Surfaces in late 2013:

  • The Surface 2 (RT is dropped)
  • The Surface Pro 2

The Surface is Microsoft’s 10.6 inches with a 16:9 aspect ratio tablet, with a molded magnesium casing known as “VaporMg” (pronounced “VaporMag”), and a ClearType HD display that support an ultra-wide viewing angle and auto-adjusting screen intensity. The screen feature scratch and crack-resistant Gorilla glass with the case also incorporating a Kickstand which allows the device to be stood up at an angle for hands-free viewing. Featuring a microSDXC card slot (taking up to 64gb) and two 720p HD front- and rear-facing cameras the Surface comes in two versions:

  • RT
    • Windows RT Operating System (a restricted version of windows for ARM processors)
    • Windows Store Apps and authorised ARM compiled software.
    • ARM based NVidia Tegra 3 processor
    • 32gb or 64gb memory.
    • USB v2
    • HD video out port
    • 5 point touch detection
  • Pro
    • Windows 8 Operating System
    • Windows Store Apps and can install traditional third-party desktop programs.
    • Intel Core i5 CPU
    • 64gb or 128gb memory
    • USB v3
    • Mini DisplayPort port
    • 10 point touch detection, digitiser technology (allowing for a finer tipped stylus) and 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity

Of the 32gb Surface RT approx. 15GB is usable (remainder taken by System) but you will get up to 7gb cloud storage with SkyDrive (or it future name) and you can have up to 64gb as a micro SDXC card slot is provided.

Support can be found here (Guest Login is available)


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