The Surface RT Camera [Day 4]

So the camera is not high spec, maxing out at 1MP both front and back, it is webcam standard at best but I am more likely to use my mobile for camera use (I always thought it funny when seeing people with tablets taking pics). Strangely enough the Surface Pro has the same!

The Camera App has four functions:

  1. Change camera
    • Front
    • Back (angled to be ideal when kickstand out)
  2. Camera Options
    • A range of MP up to 1MP
    • Audio Device selection
    • More
      1. Brightness
      2. Contrast
      3. Exposure
        • Auto
        • Manual
  3. Countdown Timer Toggle (Activate 3 second countdown)
  4. Video Mode Toggle

To take a photo or start/stop recording of video…..

  • Touch screen
  • Press spacebar
  • Tap touchpad
  • Press Right-Hand mouse button

Using the left cursor key will allow you to navigate through your images that are stored in your Camera Roll (located in the Pictures Library) . The right cursor key will take you back, and eventually return you to the camera app.

Admittedly I am not impressed by the camera quality or the camera app, although the camera itself may be too limiting to have such facilities such as HDR or Panoramic worthwhile I would have liked to adjust the Countdown timer length. But I bought the Surface RT for a productivity primarily (it’s not a deal breaker) and it remains to be seen if the camera can be utilised from an educational perspective – such as capturing the essence of a presentation or hands on activity….. Watch this space????

I thought it worthwhile to highlight the iPads camera specification timeline, effectively the front camera of the RT is comparable to the 4th gen iPad/mini and the rear camera is equivalent to the 2nd gen.

1st generation:             None
2nd generation:           VGA Front-facing and 720p rear-facing
3rd generation:            VGA Front-facing and 5 million pixels rear-facing
4th generation/Mini: 720p Front-facing and 5 million pixels rear-facing