Freeing up Disk Space on the Surface RT [Day 82]

I always liked the way i could organise my apps by size and delete them on the iPhone and would love to have a system like that on my Surface RT. Well you can! (ok a tad over-dramatic).

Searching for “disk space” will reward you with 3 possibilities:

  1. Uninstall applications to free up disk space (just what i was after)
  2. Clear disk space by deleting necessary files (Same as Disk Cleanup on a desktop)
  3. Defragment and optimise your drives

Selecting option 1 shows me that I have just under 9.6GB of space left and I can delete any app from my largest (Where’s My Water 2 @ 770MB) to the smallest (Sound Recorder @ 16KB) by simply selecting the desired app for deletion and selecting the “uninstall” button, then a further confirmation “unistall” button within a pop-up dialog box.


Screen Recording on the Surface RT [Day 79]

There is no built-in feature in Windows RT that can record the screen and output a video file and currently there are no apps (you can record from a desktop if remotely connect).  A static alternative feature exists named: “Problem Steps Recorder”, then you may access it by using the “Run” command “psr” on Windows 8 computer or if you are using a Windows RT device, then follow the steps given in the previous post.

To search for the screen recording apps in Windows Store, you may follow these steps:


  • Tap on Windows Store App icon from the Start Screen to open it.
  1. Swipe in from the right edge of the screen and then tap on “Search” option from the Charms bar.
  2. Type “steps” or “PSR” in the search box and search for an app which can record the screen and output to a video file.


  1. Windows key and R
  2. Type “PSR”
  3. Press OK

The recording can has comments made to support any activities, and once complete you can save the output as a zip file or emailed as a Zip file/ The compressed file contains an MHTML file – which is a webpage archive format which can edited with word.psr

An example converted to word can be found here: Recording_20131012_1136

If you are looking for a screen recording app that can output a video file, then you may have to search for an it using your favorite search engine on Windows 8. If you are using Windows RT device, then search for an appropriate app in Windows Store.


Voice Recognition on the Surface RT [Day 73]

Today’s post is in regards to voice recognition on the Surface RT, from dictation to O/S control. I could write a short overview or a long drawn out step-by-step guide but I would not do it any justice in comparison to this blog post at “Love My Surface” – go read it here

In reality it does take awhile for the Surface RT to catch-up with anything longer than a short sentence. Background interference can also play havoc, even though the microphone are of good quality, so do use a local mic.


Windows 8.1 Returns for the Surface RT [Day 55]

Windows 81 RT was AGAIN available as of yesterday, if you having trouble locating it in the windows store then you can view this post from your Surface RT and Click Here.

The update is a little over 2GB so will take some time. Do expect at least four restarts and settle in for an evening of not using your Surface RT.


Windows 8.1 Retracted for the Surface RT [Day 53]

The Windows 8.1 RT update has been removed from the Windows Store, with a resent post quoting:

“Windows RT 8.1. Microsoft is investigating a situation affecting a limited number of users updating their Windows RT devices to Windows RT 8.1. 
As a result, we have temporarily removed the Windows RT 8.1 update from the Windows Store. 
We are working to resolve the situation as quickly as possible and apologize for any inconvenience. 
We will provide updates as they become available.”  

To assist those whose devices are effectively BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) or effectively bricked can download an original image of the Surface RT, along with instructions included on how to use, can be found here



Windows 8.1 Installation on the Surface RT [Day 50]

Fifty days with the Surface RT, and I have managed to blog every day so far. Some blogs on accessories, some on apps, some educational but hopefully all useful. Although it may seem that I could be running out of steam Windows 8.1 RT allows me more mileage to this blog (I don’t think this can continue forever on a daily basis but whilst it is not too much of a chore I will carry on regardless). In regards to upgrading to 8.1, surprisingly, it took a whole evening.

A full restore may now well take pretty much 24hrs!

The installation was a fairly painless process other than time consuming. There are certainly a number of obvious changes….

  • Searching from the charms does not give you the range of filters such as search only in apps, or system, etc
  • The windows store categories can now be viewed by swiping up or down and I found it far better to use the search box in the windows store itself
  • You can now have a four tile sizes with a smaller and larger tile size added
  • The multitasking split window can be moved rather than only allowing a 75/25 split
  • Outlook 2013 is now included, but not placed as a tile – you will need to search for outlook in the charm menu and it should give you an option to pin it as a tile
  • The camera app has changed and it now accessible from the lock screen by swiping down.
  • A number of apps have appeared….
    • Food and Drink
    • Help and Tips for windows 8.1
    • Reading list
    • Health and Fitness
  • The start button returns to the desktop view.
    • Short press takes you to tiles
    • Long press takes you to system controls
  • And the ability to add your micro SD card as a library and/or default location – which I love!

And updated in a recent post, you can now install Facebooks own app


Windows 8.1 on the Surface RT [Day 49]

Windows 81 RT was available as of yesterday, if you having trouble locating it in the windows store then you can view this post from your Surface RT and Click Here.

The update is a little over 2GB so will take some time. Do expect at least four restarts and settle in for an evening of not using your Surface RT.


File History on the Surface RT [Day 37]

Now backup is important, often only when you do not have one, so it is useful to know that a system exists in the Surface RT.

Details can be found here as well as a great Surface Blog.

I personally do not us it as all my docs are in the cloud on my Surface.


Multi-Tasking on the Surface RT [Day 33]

Screenshot (13)

Most tablets (insert iPad here) cannot multi-task, having you focus on one activity at a time. Multi-Tasking is something the Surface RT does relatively well, and why design aspects of the Surface RT make sense – Widescreen really does come into its own here in my opinion. In my mind there are two ways to Multi-Task:

Screenshot (12)b

1. From an initial app

  • swipe down then left or right to the far edge and pause
  • the multi-task split will appear
  • release to dock the app

Screenshot (14)

  • touching the larger remaining space will return you to the Metro/Start UI
  • Opening a second app will open in the larger space

2. With previous apps

Screenshot (13)b

  • With an existing app showing
  • Swipe in from the edge
  • Pause for dock area to appear
  • Release to dock

In all cases once the two apps are docked you can grab the split screen handle (shown as 3 dots in the middle of the split bar) and drag to the other side of the screen, effectively moving from a 25/75 split to a 75/25 split.  Windows 8.1 RT will bring the ability to split 50/50.