Design Your Own Pebble Watch Face


One of the fun things to do with the Pebble is to design your own watch face at for free [we like free!]. It is extremely easy to do and allows you to manipulate:

  • Background image
  • Analog[ue] or digital watch face
  • Date
  • Free Text
  • Extras such as battery and connection indicators (such as vibrate and invert watch face colours on loss of Bluetooth connectivity)

The resultant generated watch face is given to you as a link or QR Code that you can scan, allowing you to download a your-watchface-name.pbw file that you can then open in your pebble app.


Note: this will take up one of your 8/16 app allocation spaces.

My lad particularly likes the spider-man watch faces!

Pebble Smart Watch

I now own a Pebble smart watch, The black plastic model, coming in at only £75 with delivery with thanks to Amazon for their “black friday” sales week. I know the Apple Watch is due for release but this is not until just prior to the summer and is likely to be in the region of £300+. The Pebble purchase was in part to see if there was an actual need for a smart watch and to ascertain the potential benefits of a better smart watch prior to parting with hard earned cash, I don’t see any harm in buying a cheap £40 watch that lasts a year, this was a safe(ish) bet.

A few weeks in and I must admit to loving this timepiece and if it does nothing else then the following I am happy with my purchase:

  • 2 hour charge for 4-7 days (dependant upon heavy-light use)
  • Hundreds of watch faces, beyond the in-built three, to choose from
  • Alarms
  • You can assign 2 app shortcuts, whereby you can hold one of two buttons to instantly call up an assigned app
  • Shake to turn on backlight
  • You can “load” up to 8 apps (16 on the metal version)
  • Control Music (pause/play, skip forward or back) update: holding in the middle pause button replaced the skip buttons for volume buttons !
  • Receive phone notifications
  • Receive incoming calls – reject or accept (no actual listen/speak facilities)
  • It’s waterproof due to sealed components (yes I have tested this)
  • My god the strap is comfy!

The smartphone pebble app itself allows you to find, upload and manage your apps and any unwanted app can be unloaded but kept in the pebble app “wallet” to upload again should you require it. I mostly have my phone on silent, often missing calls or getting annoyed at nuisance callers (I have not been miss-sold PPI), and having the watch allows me to instantly pick-up notifications and calls, and it vibrates (and can give you a notification on some watch face designs) when you become out-of-range from your phone.

I will be posting about a number of apps over this coming week.