The TechLec Podcast #003 – Apprentice Learning Technologists

Room lybsyn 2


The third podcast finally went live at the end of April, a huge delay due to illness (you can hear it in the pre-recorded interview during feature focus) workload, but I got there eventually again there are no show notes for this as it is made up of last months blog.

The feature focus is with South Essex College’s Apprentice Learning Technologists…

  • Dan (Southend Campus)
  • Jennifer (Basildon¬†Campus)
  • Tom (Basildon Campus)

…and again I am truly grateful for their input and helping this podcast, especially with me feeling sorry for myself. I really wanted to get the apprentices early on in their roles, some three months, and hopefully will be talking with them again at the later part of the year alongside newer apprentices.

I am hoping that workload permitting that the next podcast will not be as late in the month! (it’s all a learning curve)