Subverting Technology


There is little that really gets under my skin (fact!) but one thing that does is those that moan about the fact that young learners¬†will always subvert technology. Why does this get me so wound up? because it is not just the young and it is not even learners… “we” will subvert technology. Adults, and professionals, will not resist the opportunity to post obscure, cheeky or downright naughty messages on digital walls, messaging systems and collaborative technologies – it’s fun (I have done it myself).

But in the main I feel this is an excuse to not deploy tech. I don’t think I can think of any tech that has not been subverted…

  • digital walls
  • collaborative spaces
  • interactive smart boards
  • PC’s
  • paper
  • Chalk and….what? hang on, ¬†paper?

Yes even those crisp sheets of A4 that we take for granted were chewed up, forced in a Biro and shot across the room on onto the ceiling, we persevere, we moved on. We did the same with smart boards. Yet we still use it as an emotional crutch to support our opinions that tech is disruptive. It is only if we let it be and it still comes down to fundamental classroom management – make clear your expectations, define your rules, enforce when they are breached (but appropriately) and today’s tech will be tomorrow sheet of A4!