Examinations and Tech

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OK, we are about to start, please put away all text books….
In the not to distant past (for some of us) there was the shift to ensure that mobile phones were not present in the near vicinity when taking examinations and as far as precautions for cheating go I don’t suppose that things have progressed much further. Invigilators are ever vigilant but are we moving with the times?

Enter wearable tech, I am not talking about the tech that is in the near future such as Google glasses, I am talking about the discreet and overlooked  – the smartwatch! Take my phone away from me, you can even have it on the desk in front of you, it won’t stop those preset reminders from appearing on my phone every few minutes through the exam to give me timely reminders of a fact that might be the tipping point between a less-than-successful mark and a pass. Given that you can purchase a smartwatch that need only display notifications for around £50.

In the US there is a shift to ask for watches but also awarding bodies are monitoring the social networking habits of those taking exams – not only during but before and after the event.

Know any learners with smartphones?