Using Images – avoiding copyright

I have had a number of discussions recently regarding the use of copyrighted/licensed images, especially in light of the FELTAG report and the need to create engaging online material. Decent free images are not easy to come by and there are those that are in all honesty are used with the intention of not breaching any copyright or infringing any rights but still do, so I thought I would post some useful information and thoughts.


  • Google search for images with usage rights
    1. Type in search criteria into Google
    2. Ensure you are on images
    3. Select search tools
    4. Select usage rights
    5. choose appropriate rights – “Labelled for reuse with modification” being the most versatile


  • So what happens when you have an image, maybe from an old resource, and you want to check that it is not copyrighted – hard to track down isn’t it! well visit Google Search by images – upload your image (or use an image URL) and it will let you know if Google can find it (or similar images). Try the following ninja to see if you can find out where it may have originated from. URL