Liebster Award


Liebster Award Graphic

I have been nominated/awarded the Liebster Award – which is for bloggers by bloggers. It is in part recognition, part marketing and a sprinkle of chain mail (in essence) whereby you:

1. Thank and link to those that nominated you.
2. Answer the questions given by your nominator.
3. Nominate 5-10 other bloggers, who have less than 200 followers and link them.
4. Create 10 new questions for your nominees to answer.
5. Notify all nominees via social media/blogs. (well otherwise it would be a bit pointless if they never knew!)

Now I am not a lover of chain letters, they are nasty little things that normally prey on fears, but this is in the spirit of sharing (and I dare say potential collaborations!) with no threat to “pay-it-forward”. So I am convinced, and a tiny bit humbled to be picked (hopefully I am chosen out of respect for my blog and not to fill a mandate – only as this occurred to me that I think I would struggle to now five blogs that I would nominate, but it will encourage me to explore which surely is a big part of the awards purpose!)

So now all is complete: What I found from this was… Tag your posts, it’s the best way I searched for good blogs on topics I was interested in. There are a lot of abandoned, lack-of-focus, you-need-a-pic-for-that-post and generally poor blogs out there. So I say to my nominations below “well done, well deserved!”


1. So onto my nominator – girlheartsbooks&tech – other than being glad at the nomination I love the duality of their blog, and they certainly do give credible app reviews with multiple screenshots. Definitely worthy of their own award! Thanks 🙂

2. My answers:

  1. What is your favourite colour, and why? Blue, it suits me
  2. What was the last book you read? Kenneth Williams Diaries – way too long. Currently reading Happiness by Design: Finding Pleasure and Purpose in Everyday Life
  3. How long could you live without your phone for? I couldn’t. Period.
  4. What food do you love? gosh, far too many, but if I had to pick to would be Japanese (closely followed by Italian)
  5. What are your favourite five films?
    1. Alien
    2. Bourne Identity
    3. Hellraiser
    4. Lord of the Rings
    5. Star Wars
  6. What is your favourite phone app/s?  Why? soooo many, and I wonder if my Nominator will look into any of them? 🙂
    1. My Measures: take a photo and add dimensions, great DIY tool
    2. VLC Player: plays every video format and allows variable playback speed
    3. iPlayer Radio: Great for an insomniac to listen to
    4. Capti: Play those text docs as audio, great for on the go
    5. National Rail: Plan your trip end to end with updates on delays!
    6. Waze: Sat Nav with crowd sourced traffic updates
    7. Opinion: Simple audio record and edit (10 minuted free)
    8. RingR Mobile: high quality phone-call capture, great for use in podcasts or evidence based assessment
  7. What bad habit do you have? too many sweets – no will power to stop!
  8. Do you have an animal? A cat, Tinks, who is evil
  9. What was your last dream, that you can remember, about? I was a Jedi! I’m a sci-fi nut!
  10. Do you have a phobia? not that I can think of, although I don’t like extreme height – funny when its not the height but the floor that does you in, but it would sound daft to say you have a fear of floors!

3. My nominations: (and I have no worries if you decide not to pay-it-forward, this is not a chain letter/post. No bloggers have or will be harmed, or any of their affiliates!)

  1. Friendly Fire Games great insight into independent game development
  2. 101 Speaking Nuggets  A great blog that gives insight and thought provoking “nuggets”, so much more than the “how to”
  3. Rex’s Multimedia Blog Early days but some great quality posts already
  4. Digital Nomnom’s  bitesize digital titbits!
  5. Omakase Dining Japanese cuisine, what’s not to like, this site is going to keep me busy and the wife happy!
  6. Year of the Homemade Bread Wow I love the intentions of this blog (good or mad?), I love my breadmaker too much! well written posts!

4. My questions are:

  1. Why the blog subject?
  2. Your favourite post from your own blog?
  3. When / Where do you write your blog?
  4. Your favourite blog to follow?
  5. Have you ever considered Podcasting your blog?
  6. Have/would you ever collaborate on a post?
  7. What does your family/friends think of your blogging activities?
  8. What other topics do you or could you blog about?
  9. Have you ever won any other awards?
  10. Gender and age (approx.)?

5. Consider it done once this post has gone live!