MyScript Calculator (iOS)

MyScript Calculator is another great maths based app. Do you rememebr when you got told that you may not always have a calculator and had to understand how to calculate? or even that you needed to know a reasonable amount of syntax for a calculator to use it? well this app may be a game changer for some, a handwritten based calculator – put in your question and see your handwriting interpreted and a result given.


Available for both iOS and Android this app is quick to use and easy to make adjustments by just scribbling out a number and overwriting, for more info see here –



Photomath (iOS)


I have to say this is an app that has a lot of potential, aim the app at a printed (not handwrittedn) problem and not only see the answer but see the steps that are needed to reach the solution. Available for iOS, Android and Windows devices this could be a boon or a bane!

Check out the ‘examples’ page of the website and have a go for yourself –