Fill-able PDF


Recently I wanted to convert a simple questionnaire into an fill-able PDF. The benfeit of this is that the questionaire or form will remain intact and not suffer from element shift and will also restrict what goes into the document (as well as the ability to protect it some-what). Well adobe pro is costly and most solutions online will either cost you a small amount or will watermark the final document in someway. Well did you know that you can use open office to create an editable PDF? so its free, it works and no watermarks 🙂 Find Open Office Here.

I found the following YouTube videos to be really useful:

  1. Create a Fillable PDF Document – #1 Tutorial – Description, getting started and text boxes
  2. Create a Fillable PDF Document – #2 Tutorial – Check Boxes and Option Buttons
  3. Create a Fillable PDF Document – #3 Tutorial – Line up check boxes and other items