Pebble II (Pebble Time)


Pebble, looking to not lose pace with other smart watches, have returned to Kickstarter ( click here ) to crowd fund the Pebble II – Titled the Pebble Time – which is already near to completion unlike when the first Pebble needed funds to develop. with Projected shipping May 2015. New features to include:

  • 64 Colour screen
  • Microphone lets you send voice replies to incoming notifications or take short voice notes.
  • Pebble Time is 20% thinner than the original Pebble at just 9.5mm.
  • Ergonomic, curved design fits comfortably on either wrist.
  • Scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass with a bezel made of stainless steel.
  • Like our previous watches, it’s water resistant – perfect for a run in the rain, water-balloon battle or a swim.
  • All new Pebble watch bands include a quick-release pin, letting you swap bands in under 10 seconds.
  • Publishing the 3D data you’ll need to create amazing straps, covers and docks.
  • Pebble Time also has a smart accessory port, enabling hardware developers to build sensors and smart straps that connect directly to the watch.
  • Pebble Time comes in three colours: Black, Red, White
  • New timeline interface interaction – your notifications, news, reminders and events are laid out chronologically instead of being trapped inside separate apps.
  • £199 TBC

And the best bit? Timeline will work on Pebble and Pebble Steel (exact date TBD) so my watch gets an awesome update in the near future!