Betron YSM1000 Headphones


On the back of a recent post regarding Betron B850i I have the opportunity to review a pair of Betron YSM1000 (currently £20 from, a set of headphones that are packaged exquisitely:

  • Attachable clip
  • 1.2m cable
  • 8 earbuds (in red and black)
    • Small aperture buds in Small/Med/Large
    • Larger aperture buds in Small/Med/Large
    • 2 Memory Foam earbuds
  • Soft black ‘leather feel’ storage pouch, with a snap shut/open action
  • Metal Body in a black anodised finished
  • Metal ‘Y’ connector
  • Round cable, clear cover, with a twisted cable appearing under the coating
  • Metal straight 3.5mm jack

The packaging is in the form of a cube and certainly gives the appearance that they hold a quality product, you know that packaging that you actually don’t want to damage as you open it up. Upon opening the cube the headphones are p[roundly displayed set into a protective foam, the accessories are stored in the lid of the cube in a small slimline box whereby you pull out a tray of earbuds and the attachable clip.

The left/right earbuds unfortunately indicated through the use of red (right) and blue (left rings around their body that actually comp-liments the red and blue twisted cable visibly under the clear protective covering of the main cabling. The cable looks great and feels neither plastic nor too rubbery. Although not promoted as a tangle free cable I have not had those infuriating issues over the week.

The metal build of these makes for a great quality feel and the jack and earphone casing has a pronounced knurling effect that helps with gripping the jack and would reduce potential scratches on the earphones, making them look better for longer.

The memory foam earbuds are fantastic, certainly are my choice of earbud choice, reducing that annoying fall-out that you often have with earbuds. The audio quality is amazing and rating the Apple earbuds at an average 5/10 I would give the YSM1000’s 9/10. The quality puts to shame all other earbuds I have owned with the buds having an amazing  loud and rich sound than the earpods. I have noticed a little bleed over from each headphone to the other side, the left channel plays ever-so-slightly in the right channel and vice-versa but this is only noticeable if you have a the incorrect headphone in and the opposite channel plays (utilised and the iOS app ‘Headphone Check by Citrus Apps’), I tested on an iPhone 6 plus, a Dell PC and an Acer PC. But this was barely audible and less than the B850i’s recently reviewed (The fact the B850i’s had a mic may attribute to slightly more bleed-over).


Here are the specs:

  • Speaker Driver: 9.2mm
  • Nominal Impedence: 16 Ohm
  • Frequency Respoince: 18 Hz to 20 kHz
  • Sound Pressure:Level (SPL): 118 dB/+-3db

These are my definite choice of headphones, in fact I think that any future purchases would be these with the microphone (currently at time of post £25 with free delivery from ). Its worth noting that they also come with a two year warranty as well.

Betron has provided me with this product for purposes of providing a personal review.