Wireless Presenting on the Surface RT [Day 89]

Today I had the opportunity to wireless present in the classroom (something I feel has been lacking on the Surface RT). Admittedly it is not a direct connection (such a Miracast) but a workaround using RDA (Remote Desktop Assistance)  to the PC attached to the Interactive Board (mentioned in a previous post).

Required: USB Drive (for transfer of assistance file)


  1. Turn on all the Surface RT, Desktop for Interactive Board and associated projector
  2. Ensure you are logged onto the Eduroam network (USERNAME: workusername@southessex.ac.uk – not your email / PASSWORD: work logon)
  3. Plug in USB Drive
  4. On the surface RT search for “invite” and select “invite someone to connect to your PC and help you, or offer t…..”
  5. Select “Invite someone you trust to help you”
  6. Select “Save this invitatation as a file”
  7. Save file to USB (for good USB removal practice carry-out the intermediate steps underneath in place of this step)
    •  Save file to the Surface RT, such as the main drive or SD Card
    • Copy file to your USB Drive
  8. You can make a note of the code (I like to save this as a text file to the USB drive)
  9. Ensure you are not writing to the USB stick and remove (or for good practice safely eject drive first)
  10. On Desktop PC plug in USB
  11. Run the “invitation” file
  12. Enter password when requested
  13. On the Surface RT accept permissions by clicking OK
  14. Minimise the Windows Remote Assistance Window, by selecting the “-” in the top right hand window
  15. Rock ‘n’ Roll 🙂

NOTE: If you wish to control the Surface RT from the desktop PC you will need to request Control (top left of   Windows Remote Assistance Window on the desktop PC) and accept this request on the Surface RT

There is slight lag, due to the network, but it is excellent none-the-less and I hope to test it on a better part of our WiFi network tomorrow. A number of presentations were tried with differing success, more on this in a later post, however animated sequences such as those with Prezi do not do any presentation justice. But to wander around the room whilst presenting is something I am really eager to try!


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