PowerPoint (wireless) on the Surface RT [Day 91]


I gave a presentation remotely yesterday and love the functionality of PowerPoint on the Surface RT (see recent post for Wireless Connectivity). The tools accessed from the bottom right corner, ghosted, really come into their own when used on a touch screen (see above. The laser pointer allows you to move around the room and still put focus onto relevant points easily.

The downside… a protracted question and resultant answer resulted in the Surface RT going into sleep mode, effectively cutting off the wireless connectivity – in the end it would have take to long to restore the connection, so I continued with the PowerPoint on the Desktop connected to the PC. I certainly did not want to give a clipped answer to the question.

I have ordered myself the Micro HDMI to VGA Adapter and do want to revisit PowerPoint again, having seen other posts on the functionality this connection offers.


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