Back to the Old Laptop

x-ray of skeleton with heavy bag

This week I finally went back to using my old laptop, not because the surface has not suited my needs, I would not have coped since June last year if this was the case, but because I knew there were files on it that did not exist anywhere else. It was not a smooth process…. the time to log on was horrendous, but I could not believe how heavy the device was – due to carrying just:

  1. the laptop
  2. charger
  3. few pens
  4. presentation pointer
  5. small book
  6. mouse

Its not as if I don’t carry similar equipment with the surface

  1. the surface
  2. charger
  3. 2 stylus
  4. pens
  5. small book
  6. mouse
  7. hub
  8. iphone charger cable
  9. HDMI lead
  10. Spare USB Memory Sticks
  11. Small book
  12. Cleaning cloth

Double the weight at 2.3kg vs 4.8kg, and knowing that I am likely to cram more into my laptop bag I think I will stay with the Surface RT thank you kindly.




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