Barriers to Learning (My Own)



I don’t consider myself a poor student, I have more qualifications than I can shake a stick at, some things I have had to do for my career but in the most they have been personal interests. My eldest has just recently left reception and this year has been a journey for both of us. He did not just play educational games and get to grips with school life, as I wrongly assumed, he learnt to read and interact with his peers. But I want to play my part as much as I can and realised fairly quickly that he had some barriers that needed to be overcame for various reasons:

  • He either did or didn’t, often saying he could not do something
  • Getting frustrated when he couldn’t
  • getting bored with the repetitiveness of some activities

This got me thinking on how I could support the little one…

  • Yes he could not do some things – Yet! I have made sure I have highlighted this
  • He may get frustrated on not doing the whole thing – focus on the intervals, the small steps, the progression
  • Mix it up, change the activities but retain the focus and outcomes

Basic stuff I know, but it came with the revelation that I haver the same issues as an adult… I cannot draw. The comment is designed to convince myself that I cannot so what is the point. It is defeatist.

  • I can draw, maybe not very well, but I can hold a pen.
  • I don’t practice enough.
  • I hold myself up to others standards (way beyond my own)

So I started to watch a few YouTube videos, nothing heavy, just short instructional clips.  Reminding me of the skills I used to have in art classes in school (perspective, shading, etc). I am still rubbish, I am never going to take it up as a serious hobby (yet!) but I can throw together some sketches and doodlings (they should not call it art or drawing but doodling, I can do that very well).  I though I would demo one of my recent sketches in this post (plus there is one in the the earlier “Heron’s Six Categories of Intervention” and “Moving towards FELTAGS 50%” posts)


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