Resources & Support for the Surface RT

Hang on a minute……

  • I want to sort out my bookmarks of videos, tips, guides, etc
  • they could help out others new to the Surface RT, why duplicate the work!
  • IT are not able to support personal equipment (rightly so) and I bet they get more than the odd impromptu corridor stop!
  • it could start to foster a community that supports itself

If only I had a platform to throw it up on… MOODLE! So a little careful thinking and the sections are taking shape. A courtesy email to the head of IT to see if he is ok with it and willing to disseminate the link – thankfully he is 🙂

So the link is out there. I have all my resources organised, a link to numerous blogs (including this one), RSS feeds, tweets, a forum, etc.

I realise that I’m actually creating a Moodle course that covers a lot of content. Plus a good opportunity to dust of an old blog and repurpose it. It’s also stopped me from drumming my fingers (I Am finding it tough to love Moodle blogs).


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