Skype on the Surface RT [Day 5]

Due to the fact that my Skype account is linked to my Microsoft account the setting up after downloading the app was automatic, although Skype refused to acknowledge my microphone (and I had confirmed it functioned outside of Skype) it finally turned out be an uninstall, restart and reinstall of the app to correct the issue.

The app is very streamlined for the Surface and I actually prefer it over my desktop version with all its clutter. The only bugbear is finding a contact (which is found from the search button on the charms menu with skype select underneath). But that is more a lack of familiarity with Win8 than Skype.

The camera preview is sharp but the received video is noticeably grainy. However this is down to Skype tech rather than the Surfaces quality of camera (testing was between a Surface and an iPad with similar results either end of the conversation).

Audio quality is sufficiently adequate and I was please to find that the mics (two on the top edge of the surface) did not suffer from speaker pick-up.

A good effort from Microsoft certainly when in a matter of minutes I can have a video conversation with my parents (my dad’s a budding RT’er as well)


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