The Surface RT in Seattle pt3 [Day 63]

Yesterdays focus was a visit to Seattle Central  Community, this college felt more aligned with UK colleges not only in looks and community but with the issues of student economies and backgrounds. I have to say that, just like Shoreline, the staff are extremely welcoming and that they are passionate about their work and more importantly their student.

Where this college excels is in functional skills – I don’t think I have seen a classroom where all the students were focussed, engaged, motivated and enjoying themselves. This was not only doen to the software they was using but also the in-class support and I found myself drawn int the session.

The orgnsition is pro-active in producing eBooks and MOOCs and are seeing real benefits to the student community and wider audience.

Today was my third day of using the Surface for copies notes, I am really loving OneNote (although I am sure I am only touching the Surface [sorry!] of the software and really will set some future time aside to experiment more with it. I have noticed that colleagues are a little more selective with their note taking on the iPads, whereas I am thrashing away at documenting everything – even presentation notes that are coming my way in the future.


2 comments on “The Surface RT in Seattle pt3 [Day 63]

    • Thanks, in my defence I am not the most thorough with my text, and I’m writing these posts normally about 3am when I keep waking from jet-lag, well that’s my defence at least 🙂

      I would love to write to a far greater depth as well but alas time does not afford me that luxury!

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