TeacherKit .CSV files

In an earlier post (https://techlec.wordpress.com/2013/10/09/teacherkit-on-the-surface-rt-day-40/) I discussed the TeacherKit App. I was recently asked if I could outline the CSV import process, So here it is.

  1. Download the CSV file from this link , I selected Roster-EN.CSV.
  2. There are basic outline steps on the download page (I did not ant to include images)
  3. Fill in with appropriate information
  4. I found that the following steps failed if I had not saved and closed the CSV file fully (as a CSV file)
  5. On TeacherKit, under STUDENTS click the +Add Students box
  6. you will be given two options, select the lower option “import from a.CSV file”
  7. Select your saved a.CSV file
  8. From the imported students tiles drag down to select desirable ones to import
  9. Select the import button in the bottom right hand corner
  10. You should now see the selected imported students alongside any other students you had created.


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