Podcasting Software


Software for my desktop PC is already sorted with the trusty Audacity and I have my Logitech Pro 9000 to currently suffice.

I have nailed down four IOS apps (having downloaded and played with a whole host of apps that have been disregarded due to anything from lack of features, buggy, restrictions. The following apps are worthy of use in order of preference:

  1. Garage Band: fully featured perfect if a bit of a learning curve. Good price especially the go you have it free as part of a recent IOS device purchase
  2. Opinion: simple interface minimal learning curve. Fun. recording, splitting, rearranging and audio import. Free version is limited to 10 minutes. £2.99 lifts this limitation. This app has just been updated to allow exporting to a wide range of other apps such as Dropbox and VLC player. I instantly purchased the ability to record longer than 20 minutes as I’m not limited by having to email and keep with 25meg.
  3. Rode Rec LE: great for simple recordings and records digital input. No frill. No editing. Use if you going to edit elsewhere such as on the PC. Great ability to download file by using browser window.
  4.  Wavepad Sound Editor (Special mention): this at first look like it is really flexible. However the app is buggy in parts. One to keep an eye on.

For what editing I might do in the move or away from my main PC I am going to use Garage Band. Things to bear in mind when creating a new file is to click the + in the top right and corner, select section A and select automatic. when returned to the main screen deselect the metronome, you are now ready to record your audio. I do like the fact you can add files to the app in iTunes, this is where I have kept my into and outro clips.

On completion of editing the final file can be sent via email or sent to Dropbox or iCloud. I choose to send mine to VLC player for final review and access the file through iTunes to move onto my desktop.


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