Current Top Apps [Mid 2015]

Whilst on the hunt for new apps I thought it worthwhile to revisit my list of top 10 favourite apps, in not particular order:

  1. Veescope Live: Green screen app for work and fun
  2. Periscope: live streaming, maybe a novelty but high hopes
  3. VLC Player: plays every video format and allows variable playback speed, good to export my ‘Opinions’ to
  4. iPlayer Radio: Great for an insomniac to listen to
  5. Plex: Stream home media content
  6. Tipping Point: a Game but so addicitive
  7. Facebook/Messenger: does what it says on tin!
  8. Find Friends: locate friends
  9. BBC News: does what it says on tin!
  10. Waze: Sat Nav with crowd sourced traffic updates
  11. Opinion: Simple audio record and edit (10 minuted free)

Honorable mentions (love but don’t use much or use due to necessity)

  1. RingR Mobile: high quality phone-call capture, great for use in podcasts or evidence based assessment
  2. WhatsApp: for those with iMessage, or with a preference
  3. Feedly: curated news content
  4. ScanLife / i-nigma: QR scanners
  5. WordPress: In the majority I edit on my desktop, but just occasionally this works well
  6. Capti: Read text as audio for on the go
  7. National Rail: Plan your trip end to end with updates on delays!
  8. Hootsuite: Scheduled Twitter posts
  9. My Measures: take a photo and add dimensions, great DIY tool
  10. Pogoplug: access files on home server, backup camera roll



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