Surface RT Delivery & Unboxing & First Boot [Day 1]

So the Surface RT is finally here, after waiting for them to be released in batches (due to sheer numbers). After having till the end of the week, and an evening out with friends, I finally get into the boxes and charge. I have waited for almost six weeks and have, as a colleague rightly put it, felt like a kid painfully waiting for Christmas morning. No pressure for the Surface RT then!

So I love the polished packaging (dare I say reminiscent of Apple – but still distinctly different) that allowed quick access to the device and accessories (charger and type keyboard)
And the charger is elegant if a little bulky (Well I think so)


  1. Firstly get the tablet on charge! Otherwise it will take time to update.
  2. If you have a MicroSD card it will slot in under the kickstand at the back (printed side facing away from device, contact side facing towards)
  3. Attach keyboard (apparently you need it to be detected to have relevant associated update to be installed)
  4. Choose language
  5. Accept license terms
  6. Choose colour scheme & device name
  7. Choose an initial wireless connection (including password if applicable)
  8. Select express settings
  9. Login or create a Microsoft account


When your device is ready…

  1. swiping left on right edge of screen will open the “charms menu”
  2. Choose Settings at the bottom
  3. Select Change PC Settings at the bottom
  4. Scroll down for Updates at the bottom
  5. Choose update on the right-hand-side
  6. Wait, Wait,Wait…… as updates are downloaded, installed , surface restarted and updates completed
  7. You will likely repeat these steps a number of times until “no updates are scheduled to be installed” is reported


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